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Areas of Experience

Your Future. Our Commitment.

Wealth Management

Whether you're approaching retirement, have had a recent job change, or have come into a sudden inheritance, we are here to help with the financial decisions that are required to be made during this time.  We strive to create long term relationships with you while developing and consistently monitoring your financial goals, the plan to pursue them, and the progress towards them. While planning for your future is our focus, we also manage your investments and accounts according to your risk tolerance in the market.  We help you answer questions such as "When can I retire?", "Can I afford to send my kids to college?", "How much cash should I have?", etc.  With over 30 years of investment management experience, our team is able to provide recommendations for your assets, tailored to your unique situation.  

Divorce Planning

If you are contemplating divorce, having a financial specialist by your side is critical. It is sometimes very important to have financial advice prior to making these stressful decisions. Having had personal experience with divorce, we understand the impact the financial decisions and agreements made mean for you in the long run.  Emotions often run high during a split and our specialists will be there to guide you through the divorce to provide clear and objective financial advice.

Long Term Care

There are many misconceptions about long-term care around what is covered by Medicare and Medicaid.  We find this to be a common gap in retirement planning that can be potentially devastating to not only your retirement plan, but also to those left to find or provide care for the family or friend in need.  We partner with specialists on Medicare and Medicaid planning to provide you with the education to make an informed decision on how best to approach your long-term care funding options.

Education Planning

If you're looking to help your child, grandchild or even yourself save for college or go to a private school, we can help you determine some of the most tax-efficient ways to pay for your student's education.  There are several different savings vehicles and assistance programs available that we can guide you through.  

Charitable Giving

One of the greatest joys of reaching your financial goals is the ability to give back to your community or the organizations that mean the most to you.  We assist our clients with their charitable donations in several different ways.  Whether that means gifting appreciated stock, making donations with your IRA required minimum distributions, utilizing a donor advised fund, we will help determine the best course to make your gift matter.

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